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About Moover Toys

Moover Toys is a Danish, Design and Production Company. Establishment in 2003

We design and produce all wooden Toys you can find in this outlet shop. We do that with pride and love.

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Moover Toys, a Danish-originated toy company, was started by friend Jeppe Krog and Kåre Tofte in 2003, where they each fell in love with the click key system - Jeppe, who gained his education in Communication and Business Management and Kåre, who gained her education from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, bonded over their mutual love of modern design.  Scandanavian designs are recognized by simplicity, minimalism & functionality. 

Their vision was to create excitement in a NEW way for kids around the globe! At the time, neither Jeppe or Kåre had children of their own. Since then, they both have had kids and proudly test every Moover Toys product out with them! One of Jeppe’s favourite moments with his son was when he was 5 and was using the Ride-On Dump Truck at home. He was playing with Lego in the living room and drove into the kitchen for some snacks. Jeppe gave him snacks and he jumped back on the Dump Truck and drove back to his Lego. The Dump Truck was his favorite toy for years to come!

The duo knew early on that Moover Toys’ designs were exceptional and innovative in many ways and many parents around the world would agree.

Their goal from the beginning was to make kids happy, motivated and adventurous. All the while, parents enjoy the fact that their kids are being imaginative and having fun with Moover Toys’ modern and classic design. Parents can also rest easy knowing Moover Toys’ products are created using the best materials - high quality and safe for the environment.

We’re proud to now be a GLOBAL company, with distribution centres located in Norway, Denmark, France, China, The Philippines, Romania, Canada and the USA! We can truly say we still love what we do and do what we love. We’re proud of the company and products we’ve worked hard to create. If you feel as passionately as we do about kids, family bonding time and being a part of our innovative movement, we would love to include you on our team of Mover Toys ambassadors!



Moover Toys is proud to have a worldwide team, with local manufacturing and sales teams throughout Norway, Denmark, France, China, Philippines, Romania, and the United States.