Christemas Card

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How to write you card?

1. Write your card (click on the text on the card).
2. Finish edit the text and Add you card to the cart

Send your gift with personality and style. using Moovers high quality designed Christmas card. 

Write Your own words on this card, easily fill in you message and you done.

Moover will print you message on the beautiful stylish message card and place the card inside the folded card. all will be placed in the heart designed envelope. and will be shipped attached to you gift.

This beautiful Christmas Card is designed by Moover Toys to for-full you winches for a beautiful and amazing card to follow your Moover gift.

The card had a high quality feeling and finish, made by high quality paper and printing and rounded great feeling corners. an quality experience to receive and open.

the card is made from high quality paper printed on a matt quality surface with a brilliant artistic impression created by the famous Danish illustrator Mads Berg.