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Introducing a timeless classic that sparks cognitive growth and fine motor skills - the Wooden Stacking Ring Set. Designed for curious minds aged 1 and above, this set is more than just rings; it's a gateway to essential developmental milestones.he Wooden Stacking Ring Set invites children to explore the art of balance and coordination. As they stack rings of varying sizes onto the central peg, they're not just playing; they're mastering fundamental motor skills.he set's vividly colored rings don't just catch the eye; they also introduce children to the world of colors and size gradations. It's a playful introduction to concepts that will serve as building blocks for future learning.Children learn spatial awareness, problem-solving, and cause-and-effect relationships as they figure out how to make each ring fit.

From age 12M+ Helps develop fine motor skills .Stimulating creativity and imagination. 

Material: MDF and solid wood.All paint is environmentally friendly and non toxic

Assembly:  No Assembly Required.

Toy Size  3.54 x 3.54 x 6.5 inches | 9 x 9 x 16.5 cm

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