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Preschoolers are a true delight! Engaged in learning and full of energy, your preschooler is probably wearing you out! They can run and jump and play all day. Of course, keep reading to your preschooler, pointing at the words, and asking them to point to pictures makes every story more fun. You may have more flexibility to introduce new books, in addition to rereading old favourites. Check out the local library to see what is available.

Your preschooler is ready to help with simply chores. A cleaning set from Moover toys makes cleaning up fun! Preschoolers love to sweep and dust with kid-sized wooden cleaning tools. Durable wooden toy kitchens and dollhouses encourage your child to play with other children. This is important as the value of friendship and sharing will be key to their success in school. Role-play games encourage language development. Ride-on toys help develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Preschoolers are adept at playing games and completing age-appropriate puzzles. These logical processes lay the foundation for STEM learning later in their academic careers.

Allow your preschooler the freedom to make choices from some acceptable alternatives. They are old enough to choose their clothing, or what to have for a snack. Give them a few options to choose from, or you may find their creativity goes beyond your ability to accept their choices.

Now is the time you are preparing your child for school. Perhaps they already attend preschool. Helping them with language development, cooperative play, and problem solving is key. Moover toys offer classic, durable wooden alternatives to plastic or electronic toys. Kids respond well to these traditional toys because of the texture and overall play value. For toys you can pass down from one sibling (or generation) to the next, Moover toys is the place to look!
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