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Baby Walker - White

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This Moover CLASSIC toy is from our original, highest-quality line of luxury wooden mobility toys.

From sit-to-stand, roll, push, and walk, the Danish-designed Baby Walker supports your baby’s first steps during their earliest stages of development. Sturdy and dependable with safety as a top priority, your baby can learn to walk at their own pace with this simple, stylish mobility toy.

FOR KIDS: 12+ months, building motor skills, safely gaining confidence with mobility and walking.

FSC-CERTIFIED: Russian Birch Plywood. All paint is environment
ally friendly and non-toxic.

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Click key system, use only your fingers. 

Toy Size: 43 x 31 x 45 cm, 16,93 x 12,20 x 17,72 inches

Design: Kåre Tofte