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Nothing is more memorable in a child’s life than their favourite dolls. Hours of role-playing support the development of little boys’ and girls’ social, cooperative and communications skills. Soft dolls to hug and snuggle make for the best “babies” of all! Perfect toys for kids, so they can play at being the parent to their own little ones.

Dolls encourage children’s creativity to build their own little imaginary world. The role-playing with dolls encourages children to think about other people and how they would interact with each other. These social skills are critical for when they are old enough to attend school.

You’ll see the classic Moover style in all our dolls. Safe. Durable. Washable. Diverse. From blue-eyed, blond Nick to Cari with her dark brown eyes, freckles and black chenille hair in pigtails, boys and girls from 18 months will all find a doll to love. Each doll comes with an outfit that will mix and match with any others of the doll clothes sold separately. Let your little boys and girls create their own outfits to take their babies out to play.

Additional kids toys like prams, strollers, bedding, and bike seats allow your kids to play with their dolls in life-like role-playing situations.  Add a durable play kitchen, eating utensils, and some play food and you’ll find quiet time lasts all afternoon! A big Moover doll house with movable furniture delights every child who loves to play with dolls.

If you have a new baby on the way, a Moover doll for the big brother or sister brings them into the next stage of their growth. Offer the opportunity to be “just like mommy” taking care of a baby. Once your little one is over 18 months old, they’ll love to pretend and play house with the Moover dolls.

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